Things have been very exciting and busy here as we are support raising and planning for our trip in March!

Last week we were able to Skype with our teammates, Stephen and Alisa, again for a long time. They were very helpful with planning our flights in March and letting us know a little about what to expect. They also talked with us in more detail about our budget. If you think planning a family budget in America can be difficult, it is a whole different ball park when you are budgeting for living in a country that you’ve never been to! A few things there cost less, like groceries. But most things cost more, like gas, clothes, utilities, and eating out. So you really have to talk to someone who lives there and figure out how much you will need to live. We also have to take into consideration that over there, we will be paying for everything in Euros, but we are raising money in American dollars. So while Stephen was telling us how much things cost in Euros, Alisa was using her converter to let us know how much we would need to raise in dollars. Also, there are different things you have to pay for there. For example, you have to pay a TV tax each year if you are going to have a TV in your home. We will also have to pay for Driver’s Ed classes once we move there and get our Ireland license! As overwhelming as it can be, we love adventure and planning for our new life in Ireland! While all of the talk of traveling and budgeting was still fun, the best part was just getting to talk with Stephen and Alisa. When we finished talking, our faces were hurting from laughing and smiling so much! Even though they are only a few years older than us, they still have so much wisdom that they shared with us that we are so thankful for and are eager to put into practice!

On a super exciting note, we have booked our plane tickets for March! We will be flying into Germany and staying there for 5 days at the Kontaktmission staff meetings. We will have the chance to meet other missionaries, hear lots of new languages, and hopefully get some great ideas and inspiration! Then we will fly from Germany to Ireland and stay with Stephen and Alisa and their two boys for the next 10 days. We can’t wait to see what our new home is going to be like and meet our new teammates!

plane ireland.jpg
Other than that, we have been spending a bunch of our nights getting our church packets ready to mail out. We’ve worked on a letter, a short overview, a detailed 10-page packet, and are in the process of recording a short video to go with it as well. Hopefully they will be stuffed, addressed, and sent out by Monday!


It is so encouraging to us to see the different ways that people can and are wiling to help out! We want to give a big thank you to Robyn Berry who got a huge list of church names and addresses for us! That saved us so much time! Our prayer cards were ordered today with the help of the talented Kim Owens who designed them for us! And our parents have been a few extra set of eyes to proofread everything for us! One way that YOU can help right now is by sharing this with your friends and family on Facebook! The more people who hear about it, the more people who will be lifting us up in prayer. So please pray for us and spread the word to others to do the same!

We appreciate you being a part of our journey! We will keep you updated!


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