Life on the Loop

I said that I was going to do more short blog post updates once we moved, and I haven’t done the best job of that. So for that, I am very sorry! I WILL try to do better.

I am so encouraged by the amount of people who we have met and started relationships with since moving here! I truly believe that God placed us in this community for a reason. We are a little outside of Moycullen, which is where the church is located and where Stephen and Alisa live. So this gives us an opportunity to reach a different group of people.

We live in a community with lots of families around us. The road that we live on forms a loop, and many people go out and walk the loop all the time. We try to walk Allie and Maddie every day, and this gives us a wonderful chance to meet our neighbors. People love stopping to pet cute puppies! We are anxious to make friends here, so we are very intentional about not just passing by and saying hi, but stopping to talk to them, learn their names, and get to know them. We now know many of our neighbors and their dogs!

The people here are very friendly and are happy to stop to talk and get to know us. We look forward to building these relationships more in the coming months and years. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to be in order to meet people! Please continue to pray for us as we grow and nurture these relationships and establish new ones.


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