Kids Community Quips

We had our second day of Kids Community yesterday. The three kids who came last week were all unable to come back this week for various reasons, but we hope they will be there next week. We did have one new kid come though, and boy did he keep us on our toes! He is one of the funniest 6 year olds I’ve ever met. We thought we’d share a couple of funny stories from our time with him.

We were teaching him yesterday about the days of creation, and we told him that on the seventh day God rested. He got very serious and looked us and said, “That’s not true! God can’t get arrested!”

At the end of the lesson, we were asking him questions about it. We asked him, “What day did God create the sun, moon, and stars?” He thought about it for a second and with confidence replied, “September 15th.” Luke said, “No, we mean on which of the seven days did he create them? There’s just seven days to choose from.” And he says, “Ohhh. 52.”

While coloring his pictures of the seven days of creation, he boldly says, “I know how everything got here on the earth.” So we said, “Ok, how is that?” He says, “God just took everything he didn’t like and threw all the rubbish down from heaven. So everything on earth is just what he didn’t want.” Then he said, “I also know how God hung the sun, moon, and stars. He put them in the sky and hung them up there with space wire.”

We got quite a few laughs out of this kid. Hopefully he left there knowing at least a little bit more about God and creation than when he came to us! Even though he was the only one (plus our teammates’ two boys), he seemed to have a great time! We asked him if he was coming back next week and he said, “Yeah, I come here every week.” (Remember this is the first time he has ever come.) And we said, “Well we only have this on Thursdays.” He says, “Oh yeah, I know. I come here every Thursday.” So if he has anything to say about it, I think he will be back!

Please continue to pray that our Kids Community is a good outreach to our community, that more kids will start coming, new relationships will be formed, and the kids will learn a lot about God and His love for them!

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