Bye Bye Badgers

Over the past 6 months, we have been honored to have Michael and Kayla Badger as interns here with us. They are doing Mission Academy through our organization, Kontaktmission. We grew very close to Michael and Kayla while they were here, and it was hard to see them go. They were not shy at all about meeting people and were always willing to lend a helping hand.


One thing Kayla did while she was here was offer free English classes at the church. She has an ESL degree, and there are many people who actually come to Ireland to learn English. She had one girl from Italy who came pretty faithfully for a while. She was also a big help with the Brazilians who have been coming to our church. Kayla also took it upon herself to clean the church each week while she was here, which was a big help!


We found out that Michael is quite talented when it comes to drawing. So like any good missionary would do, we exploited his talents and used them every chance we got! He did multiple drawings for a particular sermon series that we did in 1 Peter. He also worked very hard doing drawings for our stations of the cross that we will be doing at the church during Lent. He also preached a few times, and did many communion meditations and “welcomes” for church services.


In addition to these things, the Badgers were there helping us prepare for all the events that we did at church. They got there an hour early each Sunday to help prep. Holiday Bible Club required lots of preparation, so we were very thankful they were here for that. Kayla helped with all the crafts, and Michael was a huge asset during the week of decorating.


They did their best to meet people, make friends, experience the true Irish culture, and make the most of their time living here. We are so thankful for their friendship and all their hard work here, and we are hopeful that they may return to Ireland for their internship next year!

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