Pumpkin Carving Success

One thing that our church tries to do is put on free events as a way of serving and loving our community. On October 30th, we hosted a Pumpkin Carving and Games event. We bought tons of pumpkins and had carving tools and work stations available so people could come with their families and carve pumpkins. Alisa and I made some yummy halloween treats for everyone to enjoy. We had mummy brownies, pretzel spider webs, and chocolate cupcakes with colorful Halloween sprinkles.


Once people got done with their pumpkins, we had fun games available such as bobbing for apples, a bean bag toss, and pumpkin putt putt.


I also tried my hand at face painting for the first time. By the time I was done painting faces, there were 4 Batmen running around the church.


It was a huge success! We had 44 people attend, which is the most we have ever had in the church before! There were so many new faces there, and some great conversations were had with people. A few of them were interested in bringing their kids to our Kids Community and there were a couple even talking about coming to church sometime! We had multiple people who tried to give a donation for the event and were surprised to find out that it was free. This is a simple way of demonstrating God’s free gift of grace.



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