Refreshed & Rejuvenated

The first weekend in November we went to County Kildare (under Dublin) to the ARC church planting conference. ARC stands for the Association of Related Churches. We had an amazing time there! There were other church planters from other parts of Ireland, Northern Ireland, the US, Canada, and Australia to name a few. We were very encouraged by some of their testimonies and by what the speakers had to share with us. We wanted to share some of the points that were encouraging to us in our missionary journey and some that are just good reminders for all of us.
  1. The grace of God not only saves us, it changes us. We are not saved by moral living; we are saved for moral living. We shouldn’t avoid sinning because we are afraid God will abandon us. We should avoid sinning because we know He never will.
  2. The key to conversion is the receptivity of the human heart. It’s our job to share the gospel, but it’s God who works in their hearts to change them. We should not judge the receptivity of a human heart. God can work miracles in anyone at any time!
  3. Your legacy is tied to your longevity. Church planting requires endurance. The devil won’t win if you don’t give up!
  4. Jesus is exclusively inclusive. He is exclusively the only way to heaven and salvation. However he is inclusive because he offers it to everyone!
  5. God asks Saul, “Why do you persecute me?” He doesn’t condemn his character but he questions his motives. We should also not condemn people but question why they are living the way they are.
  6. As long as Jesus is relevant, so is His church!
There were so many other great things we learned in those two days, but we hope this part of it was encouraging to you as well. We left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed with ideas, big dreams, and excitement for what God is going to do through us in Ireland! It was great getting to spend some quality time with our awesome teammates as well. 🙂

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