Bibelschule Brake

Our job as missionaries involves a variety of tasks, some of which I never really considered before. One of those tasks is being in charge of interns. Another is trying to recruit more people to come be missionaries and join our team. So with those two things in mind, we left a few days early for our mission conference in Germany and went up to Bibelschule Brake, which is one of the biggest Bible colleges in Germany. That being said, it is quite small compared to almost every Bible college in the States.

While we were there, Luke had the opportunity to give a short talk to the students during their chapel time. He got to do this in English of course, and it was then translated into German. Stephen had previously gone to the college and talked to them about our church and what we are doing in Moycullen. So Luke decided to talk about how God led us to the mission field and to encourage them to follow God’s leading and plans for their lives. We got to eat lunch with them and chat with some of the students for a little while.

Two of the girl students there will be interning with us this summer. So we sat down and talked with them about our expectations for them, to see if they had any questions or fears, and just to get to know them a little before they come. It can be very scary committing yourself to moving to another country for a whole summer and working with people you don’t know. Hopefully meeting us ahead of time helped alleviate their fears a bit. They are very sweet girls, and we are excited to have them working with us this summer! We also have one male intern from the US who will be helping us this summer.


Top Left: At a restaurant with a future intern, the previous intern, and his wife
Top Right: Luke with the translator during chapel time
Bottom Left: Our meeting with the 2 future interns coming this summer
Bottom Right: Playing games with the previous intern and his wife who hosted us

While we were there, we stayed with a guy who had actually interned at the church with Stephen and Alisa before we even came to Ireland. It was great to spend some time with him and his wife and chat about Ireland. They walked with us around the town closest to them, and one of the future interns joined us. It’s always fun to see new places, and it was really fun to spend some quality time with our new friends. We went to a local restaurant there where Luke tried a new drink, hot chocolate with a shot of espresso – a dangerous but delicious combination! We also tried Kasëkuchen, which is German cheesecake. In my opinion, America has German beat on the cheesecake by a long shot!


The town of Lemgo, within walking distance of Bibelschule Brake

As we traveled on Saturday back down to where the conference would be, we stopped off for a few hours in a city called Heidelberg. It’s a beautiful city where much of the “old city” has been preserved. We went to the castle there, walked around the old city, and over the old bridge also. We later found out that Luke’s mom visited Heidelberg when she was in Germany 34 years ago. Super cool!


Heidelberg, Germany


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