Our Organization:

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The vision and mission of Kontaktmission:

Send. Plant. Multiply.

Kontaktmission is a transnational mission that began in the heart of Europe over 30 years ago.  We have over 270 missionaries serving in 44 countries, and our team comes from over 30 different nations.  We have broadened our efforts to some far-flung corners of the earth, but many of our team members still serve in Europe, the most resistant and difficult of mission fields.  And they do so effectively and with a positive attitude about what God is doing.  The results are speaking for themselves.

Kontaktmission’s transnational approach to teambuilding takes advantage of the benefits of the gifts and abilities God is constantly placing in His people around the world.  By teaming local believers with missionaries from places like Germany and the USA we are also able to avoid many of the typical pitfalls of traditional mission agencies.  We believe a local believer frequently makes a better local leader than a foreign missionary, and we believe in adding missionary efforts to local efforts rather than competing with what local Christians may be doing to reach their own people. 

Our Team:

Our team in Ireland is the lovely Stephen and Alisa Walton, along with their two kids, Elisha and Silas. They have been serving in Ireland for 4 years and have already started a church where they live.

stephen and alisa