Our Mission

We will be joining Stephen and Alisa Walton in Moycullen, a suburb of Galway in Ireland. Our focus will be on ministering to the youth and young adults in the area. The youth there have no youth groups to be a part of or Christian influences in their lives. If they are struggling with something, they have no youth minister to go talk to. They have no guidance on how to handle relationships and problems. Most importantly, they have no relationship with Jesus. In their spare time, many of the youth just go to the woods and drink because they have nothing else to do.

So what do we plan on doing?
First, we want to get involved in their lives. We want to show them that we care about them and love them. We want to be a positive influence on their lives and lead them in the right direction.

Second, we would like to give them a place to go that is fun, safe, and welcoming. A fun place to get help with homework, advice about life struggles, and just to hang out and have fun. This may take the form of a youth center, a cafe, or something completely different. Once we get there, we are going to let God show us the best avenue for serving the Irish youth.

Third, we hope to direct these youth and their families towards the church that is established there already. This is a very young church (just started in November 2015) and doesn’t have any youth attending right now. Eventually, we would like to have weekly Bible studies for the youth and young adults in the area.

Ultimately, we desire to see the youth develop a relationship with Christ and be the future leaders of the church in Ireland.